An AI copilot for your B2B platform

Allow users to interact with your product through a natural conversation. Auxillary AI copilot can answer questions, make actions, and provide guidance – all within a human-like dialogue.

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Fully integrated
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Helping users get extra value from your SaaS platform

All your usual functionality, now available through a dialogue with an intelligent AI assistant working alongside the standard UI.

Data Retrieval

Why navigate through multiple menus when you can simply ask and receive?

Action Execution

Every actionable feature on your platform is now just a conversation away.

Seamless Flows

Imagine a dialogue where querying and executing actions blend seamlessly.

Proactive Guidance

Auxillary AI guides users and educates them on harnessing the full potential of your platform.

Onboarding and Support

Auxillary AI doubles as an onboarding guide and support guru, available 24/7, delivering instant, accurate responses.

Insights and Observability

Understand user engagement, discover popular functionalities, and ensure privacy is upheld.

Ship an AI copilot
in under 60 minutes

Provide background data, configure endpoints & actions, embed the widget – and you’re ready to go!

Use cases for Auxillary AI

Auxillary AI can significantly enhance user experiences across different industries with its intelligent and intuitive capabilities.

Auxillary AI for CRM platforms
With Auxillary AI, CRM platforms can allow users to manage interactions with leads and contacts in CRM platforms, schedule appointments, efficiently navigate sales funnels, and initiate timely follow-ups – all by chatting with an AI copilot.
Auxillary AI for EdTech Platforms
Auxillary AI can augment EdTech platforms by supporting teachers in curriculum design, classroom management, and student assessment. It assists in creating customized learning materials, automating grading, and providing insights into student performance for more effective teaching strategies.
Auxillary AI for HRIS Platforms
Auxillary AI can enhance HRIS platforms by automating and assisting with routine HR tasks. It handles data updates, candidate screening, employee inquiries, and generates reports for better decision-making.
Auxillary AI for Marketing Platforms
Auxillary AI can augment marketing platforms by supporting campaign management, content personalization, trend analysis, and performance tracking for more effective marketing strategies.
Auxillary AI for EdTech Platforms
Auxillary AI can augment BI platforms by facilitating data queries, generating custom reports, and offering predictive insights, making data more accessible and actionable.
Auxillary AI for EdTech Platforms
Auxillary AI can enhance PropTech platforms by assisting in property search, providing market analysis, managing leasing processes, and offering investment insights.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Auxillary AI and how does it work?

Auxillary AI is an intelligent chatbot copilot integrated into your SaaS platform. It allows users to interact with your product through natural conversation, handling queries, executing actions, and providing guidance.

How does Auxillary AI improve user experience?

Auxillary AI simplifies complex tasks, provides quick and accurate information, and proactively engages users with actionable advice. Its familiar chat interface makes it user-friendly and easily accessible.

Can Auxillary AI handle complex workflows?

Yes, Auxillary AI can execute and manage complex actions and workflows with simple user commands, streamlining processes and saving time.

What if Auxillary AI cannot handle a query?

In cases where Auxillary AI cannot process a request (which is rare), it can either provide an explanation message on what happened, provide a fallback message, or seamlessly transition to human support, ensuring that the query is addressed.

How do I get started with Auxillary AI?

Integrating Auxillary AI is simple. Just provide your data sources, define actions and flows, embed the Auxillary AI widget in your platform, and you're set to go!

Can Auxillary AI provide insights and analytics?

Yes, Auxillary AI comes equipped with advanced analytics capabilities, offering insights into user interactions and sentiments, helping you understand and improve your service.

Can Auxillary AI handle multiple languages?

Yes, Auxillary AI works with any language, making it versatile for global businesses and diverse user bases.

Is there a limit to the number of user interactions Auxillary AI can handle simultaneously?

Auxillary AI is designed to scale with your business, efficiently handling a large number of simultaneous interactions without compromising performance.

How does Auxillary AI adapt to changes in my business or platform?

Auxillary AI is dynamic and learns from ongoing interactions. You can also update its knowledge base and functionalities as your business evolves.

Can Auxillary AI integrate with other business tools and systems?

Yes, it can be integrated with various business tools and systems through API connections, enhancing its utility and ensuring seamless operations.

Can Auxillary AI provide personalized experiences for individual users?

Yes, Auxillary AI can tailor conversations and responses based on user behavior and preferences, offering personalized experiences to each user.